Austin Trick or Treating Tips and Tricks

Austin Trick or Treating Tips and Tricks

Best Neighborhoods for Trick or Treating in Austin

While downtown may be the most dense, and there is no doubt that Sixth Street is a great location to check out some incredible costumes, it is a bit lacking in terms of trick or treating opportunities. Candy hunters big and small want to search out family-friendly neighborhoods where residents get in the Halloween spirit.

Curbed recently put out a list of the top cities for trick or treating. While Austin only ranked 16th, there were a number of neighborhoods that warranted mentioning for their candy collecting quality. These neighborhoods are:

• Windsor Road

• South Manchacha

• Allandale

• Rosedale

• Crestview

Our broker/owner Matt Prewett highlights Crestview as an ideal neighborhood to spend your Halloween night. "With Brentwood Park as the focal point, this may be the perfect neighborhood setup for trick or treating. You can start off with a pizza at Little Deli and then meander up and down the streets to your heart's content. Sidewalks on the bigger thoroughfares increase pedestrian safety, and with the number of homes within its borders you should have no problem filling up your bags with all kinds of sugar. This is where I used to go trick or treating and where I hope to take my daughter when she's old enough."

Basic Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Wherever you take you go trick-or-treating, it's always a good idea to remember some basic safety tips.

Be visible. Bright clothes, glow sticks, flashlights. Anything to help you stand out to traffic is helpful

Plan ahead. Whether it's who you will be with, or what route you're taking, a little preparation ahead of time can help to avoid screaming up and down the streets for your children later in the night.

Dress smart. Costumes that are long or bulky look great, but may cause some problems while walking in crowds or other tight spaces. Take pictures of the complete costume at the start, but have a more portable version ready to go.

A few preparations can make sure everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

(To read the full Austin report from Curbed, click here.)