'Coming Soon' In Your Austin House Hunt

Writing letters and getting onto neighborhood message boards may pay off in your house hunt, but utilizing two types of 'Coming Soon' listings, may help you get a leg up in your Austin house hunt.

First, the traditional “Coming Soon” or “Pre-MLS” signs that pop up before the property goes on MLS. These properties are not yet listed in the MLS and generally the only way to find these properties is to drive around looking for them. It’s hard for agents to blanket the city looking for these opportunities, so there is often a lot of work on the home-searchers' end, driving around Austin neighborhoods they're interested in on a regular basis.

A more efficient search tool is a new MLS status created by the Austin Board of Realtors (ABOR) called “Coming Soon”. "Coming Soon" status gives listing agents the option to gain early exposure on listings before they are ready to show. These status listings will display on public Austin home search portals, although since it a new feature, it will take some time for to roll out to everyone. By being able to search from the comfort of your home, you're able to be more efficient in your home search, and can dedicate more time to finding properties for Breakaway or other realtors to show you.

Coming Soon status is a great listing feature for Austin home-sellers, too. You can generate early interest in your property by utilizing the Coming Soon status which can help minimize time on the market for your property.

Important Things To Know About The New "Coming Soon" Status

Listings in Coming Soon (CS) status can remain as a "Coming Soon" property for a maximum of 14 days

Once a listing exits CS status, it cannot re-enter CS status for any reason, including listing errors

A listing in CS status must enter Active (A) status before entering any other status, including Sold

Days on the Market (DOM) and Cumulative Days on the Market (CDOM) do not accumulate in Coming Soon status; DOM will begin when the listing is set to Active

You can read more about this new MLS status from the Austin Board of Realtors.